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Txtile is thrilled to partner with Anchal, a brand dedicated to empowering woman and fostering sustainable employment opportunities. Anchal products are handmade, handstitched and made with high-quality, durable materials.
Collage of photos of people making Anchal products


Empowering women and fostering sustainable employment lies at the heart of Anchal's mission. Through their holistic program, they provide tools and opportunities, steering women away from exploitative labor. Here's a glimpse into the remarkable benefits extended to the skilled artisans behind every Anchal creation:

  • Skills + Design Training

  • Sustainable Employment

  • Education

  • Health Services

  • Community Workshop Space

  • Access to Global Markets


Anchal takes a stand against "fast fashion" and its environmental repercussions by sourcing recycled materials, organic fibers, and natural dyes for their products. An example of this is their use of upcycled saris to create their one-of-a-kind quilts, which offsets fashion waste and promotes sustainability.


Two pictures of a woman making products for Anchal

"I was married off very early, I was barely 16. My parents were too poor to worry about sending me to school, so I was forced to marry. Soon, I had two children due to pressure from my in-laws. I felt very frustrated with their wishes as there was hardly enough for us all to eat. I would often request to find work so I could earn for our family, but was not allowed to.


My husband worked off and on. He would do different things such as paint, repair shoes, or work as an assistant to local bus drivers. None of these brought sufficient income to provide food, clothing, or education for our children. Often, we had to borrow money and I was not allowed to work. I was frustrated and angry.


Eventually, my husband fell ill and could not go to work for six months. In those six months, there were days when there was nothing to eat, and we slept hungry. People stopped lending us money, fearing that it might never be recovered. All this was tragic, but it opened doors for me. I asked my husband and in-laws to let me go and find work so that we could have income. Reluctantly, they agreed.


I came to know about the skill-building program Anchal through a friend of a friend. It immediately brought such joy and hope into my life. I had never done any work in my life, but in time, I became a very skilled seamstress. When I received positive praise for my work, it inspired me even more. Today, after six years, I lead the tailoring team.


Anchal means a lot to me. I finally have the confidence to fulfill all the dreams I have for my children's future in turn paving the path for their dreams."


Mushraat - Anchal Project Assistant

Group of women standing outside in Indian Sari's

Products by Anchal

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